Environmental Protection Agency Registered

RhamnoWash is approved for registration with the EPA.

Rhamnolipid, Inc developed Rhamno Wash 10 a naturally derived bio surfactant consisting of lipid and rhamnose sugar molecules. EPA listed Rhamno Wash 10 is a Surface Washing Agent on the National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule maintained by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The USEPA maintains the NCP Schedule of products. This schedule lists the various products that can be used during spill response to oil discharges.

RhamnoWash 10 is a surface washing agent capable of removing oil (crude, different grades of fuel oil, gasoline, and other petrochemicals) from a variety of surfaces, including, but not limited to; soil, shorelines, sandy beaches, mangroves, or sea grasses, etc.

For more information on the removal of hydro-carbons (soil washing with Biosurfactants), please visit Biosurfactant Bioremediation http://www.biosurfactant-professionals.net

Method of Application

RhamnoWash 10 is a naturally derived biosurfactant (derived from bacteria) comprised of a lipid and rhamnose sugar molecules. RhamnoWash 10 can be applied neat to certain heavy spills as well as can be sprayed using various product to water (fresh or salt) dilution ratios from (1:10 to 1:1000) using any number of spraying techniques to treat impacted areas. Best use is to dilute it in accordance with use instructions provided in our Product Sheets. We recommend that the product be diluted with water to optimize the surfactant properties of the RhamnoWash 10. Diluting RhamnoWash 10 will improve its use and cost effectiveness.

Prior to application, booms, oil skimmers, or other appropriate containment and collection mechanisms should be deployed and operational. The product-water mixture may be applied by hand or using mechanical sprayers, pressure washers, or mechanical soil washing equipment. After a soak time (of approximately 30 minutes to 3 to 4 hours, depending on the nature of the spill, repeat as necessary), the residual mixture may be recovered using conventional methods.

Purchase RhamnoWash

We can provide RhamnoWash samples through our rhamnolipid stores. Our affiliate can provide RhamnoWash through store.rhamnolipid.com utilizing several different languages. Another educational affiliate manages the North, Central and South America inquiries through www.rhamnolipids.net.

Actual cleaning time will likely depend on the environmental conditions, chemistry of the spilled oil, and the cleaning method employed. Collected product and oil mixture should be disposed of according to local, state, and federal regulationsOn heavy oils, use RhamnoWash 10 (neat) directly on the spill, or using a 1:100 dilution ratio (product: water) depending on the nature of the oil (crude vs. refined, etc.) and environmental conditions (warm vs. cold water).

Lighter oils may utilize a 1:100 to 1:1000 dilution ratio, depending on the oil’s specific gravity and environmental conditions. RhamnoWash 10 maintains its surfactant properties at high levels of dilution, and actually works best when diluted with water (both salt water and fresh water).